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About Us

Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships with the best Architects and Developers. Rather than having a niche market, we continue to branch out, developing a myriad of building types.

Our general contracting services, for both commercial and residential projects, include:

  • Construction Management
  • Construction Consulting
  • Design-Build Work
  • Litigation Support

Construction Management Services are often the perfect solution for a client who wants to maintain a strong involvement in the project but does not have the necessary expertise in the construction process.    With this ownership of risk and control,  comes the opportunity to benefit from cost savings as well directing all project decisions while relying on the construction management team to advise and perform daily duties. 

As a design-build contractor, Roper Hanks, is responsible for the concept, design and satisfactory completion of the project. Thus the project is not fragmented, nor left to the devices of separate entities, as can often be the case with other construction methods.

In summary. the design-build method provides:

  1. Single source responsibility for design and construction
  2. Solutions tailored to the client's needs
  3. Use of construction methods which allow the project to be completed faster
  4. Close coordination with all parties involved and quicker response to design or construction problems

We also provided litigation support services specifically tailored to the plaintiff in insurance settlement cases. We can assemble and analyze technical data, help with discovery, assist in case preparation and provide support during deposition and trial proceedings.

  • Litigation Support for Attorneys
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution